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Treble Peak for
fund managers

Are you a private market fund manager with strong domain expertise and a proven track record? A partnership with Treble Peak offers access to more potential investors, along with a reduced administrative burden.

Our expanding
investor network

Connect with a diverse mix of parties actively seeking new growth opportunities – from private investors to wealth managers, private banks, family officers and more.

Our network covers the UK, Europe and beyond.


Onboard and report
to a single limited partner

Our unique aggregator model allows you to reach multiple investors while having a single nominee as the sole Limited Partner. This results in greatly increased distribution, while considerably reducing your admin burden.

Multiple investors complete commitments from £100,000
Commitments are pooled together in a nominee to form a single LP. Treble Peak onboards investors, provides reporting and manages capital calls for all underlying investors
The fund manager receives a single subscription from the nominee and provides reporting to the single LP (nominee) .

Broaden your
existing relationships

We’ve chosen to use a nominee structure to pool multiple investors together. This means we can offer an efficient and cost-effective solution for fund managers looking to attract smaller investors from their friends and family network without increasing their cap table.


A selection of fund managers we have partnered with

Why Treble Peak?

Investors onboarded from over 10 countries
Secure and stable technology developed over 6 years
Dedicated tech support
Cyber essentials plus certified and FCA regulated