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Treble Peak for
Fund Managers

Grow your investor base and AUM without increasing the CAP table.

How does it work?

The Treble Peak platform uses a nominee* structure to pool together multiple subscriptions and invests as a single Limited Partner.

Multiple investors complete commitments from £100,000
Commitments are pooled together in a nominee to form a single LP. Treble Peak onboards investors, provides reporting and manages capital calls for all underlying investors
The fund manager receives a single subscription from the nominee and provides reporting to the single LP (nominee) .

Key benefits

Investor benefits
  • A seemless, digital onboarding experience
  • Data is securly stored in platform and will pre-populate in forms
  • Detailed in platform reporting with pdf exports
  • Dedicated investor relations and tech team
  • Minimal ongoing reporting and custodial fees
  • Treble Peak is Cyber Essentials Plus certified ensuring safe protection of client data
Fund manager benefits
  • Only need to onboard one LP with one subscription agreement
  • Only require capital calls from one LP
  • Only issue reporting to one LP
  • Deepen existing client relationships
  • Track underlying investor activity with a dedicated fund manager platform account
  • Avoid costly SPV or feeder fund fees

Access our distribution network

Connect with a diverse mix of parties actively seeking new growth opportunities – from private investors to wealth managers, private banks, family offices and more.

Our network covers the UK, Europe and beyond.


Why Treble Peak?

Seamless investor experience

Cost-effective solution

FCA regulated


“Treble Peak has enabled us to raise more capital from more investors. They have seamlessly onboarded investors form our network and introduced us to a new investors from theirs. We deal with them as a single LP and have confidence in them handling the reporting and capital management of over 100 underlying investors (example).”

Jason Howard, CFO/COO and partner at Headway Capital

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