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Treble Peak has entered a strategic partnership with Logiver, a prominent wealth-management firm based in Luxembourg.

The collaboration comes at a pivotal time, with demand for private markets opportunities from non-institutional investors continuing to grow, as they seek higher return prospects and diversification beyond traditional public markets.

It will provide Logiver’s clients with access to leading private equity funds and cutting-edge investment technology, while enabling Treble Peak to expand its distribution reach in Europe.

Logiver had been seeking a turnkey solution that not only provides quality private market opportunities, but also delivers a seamless branded experience for both discretionary and execution-only client mandates. As the firm integrates these capabilities, its clients can expect streamlined onboarding, subscription and reporting processes through the platform.

With Logiver’s standing in Luxembourg’s wealth-management industry, the partnership is poised to appeal to new and existing clients eager to add private equity to their portfolio. Treble Peak’s structuring solution will allow them to create diversification within the asset class by unlocking access from €100,000. 

“Partnering with Logiver amplifies our drive to open doors to top-tier private equity funds, leveraging its reach and know-how to meet the growing demand from investors,” said Mark Woolhouse, CEO of Treble Peak. “Logiver’s expertise in wealth management and strong presence in Luxembourg makes it a perfect fit for our expansion strategy.”

“The Treble Peak relationship is truly a game-changer for Logiver and our valued clients,” said Antoine Pasquet, CEO of Logiver. “The Treble Peak platform provides us with a unique opportunity to access top-tier funds at reduced minimums. Our clients will undoubtedly benefit from this strategic alliance.”

For more information on how Treble Peak is supporting wealth managers connect their clients with private market opportunities, please get in touch with Oliver Birch

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